Getting Started with Adult ESOL.

All the different acronyms in the ELT industry can be confusing. There's EFL, ESOL, EAP, ESP and the list goes on. Is there really any difference? Aren't we all just teaching English? In fact yes, there is a difference. The context matters. In this course, we'll focus on teaching adults in the ESOL context and answer the following questions; What is ESOL? Who are the learners? How does ESOL differ from EFL? What do ESOL learners in particular need?

If you are currently teaching adults in an ESOL context, or thinking of switching between an EFL and ESOL context, this course will shed light for you on what is unique about this situation, and how you can best meet the needs of your learners.

Author: Emily Bryson
  • Getting Started with Adult ESOL
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